D3510 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee

  • 會員登入


  1. Follow the rules of the family, especially the time schedule. Keep normal daily life. Make the bed yourself. Don't let the host mom do it for you.
  2. Share the housework. Say yes if under request. Show your willing of help automatically even if the host mom doesn't ask you to. If you need laundry, be sure to pay the bill yourself.
  3. f the host mom cannot serve you meals for reasons, they will give you proper amount meal fee in stead. But you cannot ask money instead of a regular meal.
  4. Let the host family knows clearly the time/place/destination/counterpart in advance and get the consent when you want to go on a trip or stay out. You should cover the boarding/ transportation fee. If you cannot return on schedule, be sure to inform the host family by
    phone. 外出或外宿時,必須於事前將時間、地點、目的以及往來對象清楚地知會接待家庭,在獲得許可後方可成行。其間之住宿、交通等諸項費用,應由學生自行負擔。若未能於預定時間返家時,須以電話向接待家庭報備。
  5. Follow the instruction of host club on rotation of host families. 接待家庭之更動,請依照接待扶輪社之指示。
  6. Avoid one to one dating. Serious romantic activity is not allowed. Get involved in-group activities and enjoy your exchange life. 異性交往:避免一對一及特定對象的交往方式,嚴格禁止談戀愛。希望多參與團體活動,由其中體會交換生活的樂趣。
  7. You are not authorized to operate a motorized vehicle including a car and a motorcycle.
  8. You are not allowed to possess or use illegal drugs including marijuana.
  9. Smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages are forbidden.
  10. No disfigurement 不能在身體上打洞
  11. No Decoration 不能刺青
  12. No down loading ? 不能下載色情網頁及圖片
  13. You cannot work for making money in any way.
  14. You cannot step foot in illegal places like TV game shops or improper recreation center. You may not go to KTV or MTV without proper adult's company.
  15. Use telephone as short as you can. Ask permission to call back home on important and urgent cases and try to use it on collect call basis.
  16. You have monthly allowance NT$3,000, please make the best use of it. Try not to ask extra money from your parents. (The average monthly allowance for a senior high school student is around NT$2,000 to $3,000)