D3510 Rotary Youth Exchange Committee

  • 會員登入


  1. Abide by the rules and regulations of the school. You cannot ask for special treatment for being an exchange student.
  2. Except for attending the Rotary Club meetings or other reasonable reasons, you cannot ask for leave. Attend school on time. Though excellent study performance is not the only goal, but you should leave sufficient time for preview and review.
  3. Take part in extracurricular activities actively. 積極主動參加課外活動。
  4. You cannot stop by or stay at anywhere on your way home or to the school unless you get prior consent from your host family.
  5. Make friends with local people as many as possible but don't push it too hard. Keep friendly smile to get friendship easily.
  6. In school, especially in public high schools, a perm is not allowed for a schoolgirl. Wearing ornaments like earrings /necklaces is also not allowed. Wearing make up or nail polishers are forbidden, too. (女學生請特別注意)在當地的學校裡,尤其是公立學校,
  7. No chewing gums or snacks during the class. 上課中嚴禁咀嚼口香糖等各種零食。
  8. If any other particular regulations restricted by specified school should also be followed.8.